Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Chapter 1: The Lil Wayne Story

Rumors have been swirling the past few weeks about Anne's secret love life sans Mos Def. The Lil Wayne story has been buzzing on most networks across North America, and even Japanese gossip shows are carrying the story 24/7. But little is known about this torrid love affair, especially with Anne's jet-set lifestyle keeping most of the paparazzi 3 steps behind. But here at "Exposed!", we've been able to get exclusive pictures that will hopefully shed some light on this most intriguing of stories.

Although Mos Def has been on the scene for a while now, Anne's relationship with Lil Wayne bloomed years earlier. It all began back in 1981 in the South Edmonton projects. Weezy's daddy had moved to Canada to pursue a brief career on the oil pipelines, and the family moved in next door to Anne's. It was truly love at first sight, with the pair spending every day together. The following is a picture from Weezy's third birthday with Anne:

Even though Weez moved back to his home in Louisiana, he kept in touch with Anne over the years, and they tried to visit each other as much as possible. Here's a picture from a college trip that Anne took down to the Bayou during the 90's. As you can see, the sparks were flying!!!

Once Lil Wayne's rap career took off though, they tried to date other people, and most recently Anne has been seen publicly with socially progressive rapper, Mos Def. Some people seem to think that they are destined to be together, but we have found shocking clues to prove that Lil Wayne and Anne are thick as thieves.

Apparently, the lovebirds have started sporting jewelry that showcases their love for one another. In some cases, the additions seem like permanent additions to their ensemble, as shown below:

With all of these findings, it's hard to be persuaded that there is not something meaningful going on between Anne and Lil Wayne. Their star-struck connection has lasted decades and is still going strong. Although haters may hate, these two lovers keep lovin'.

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Chapter 2: Anne's Hot R&B Ménage à Trois With R. Kelly and Usher!!!